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Hey guys how you doing!
So here’s my ESP12F Based RGB LED Glasses which are made entirely from PCBs
I prepared a PCB with normal glasses size and put WS2812B LEDs on it, and then used an ESP12F to control the LEDs via a WEB Server. The frame has been modeled just like actual glasses, only difference here is that the material of these glasses is FR4 instead of Plastic.

Materials Required (BOM)

Frame PCB x1
Temple PCB x2
10K Resistance 0805 x 4
push button x1
Header pins
10uf 16V Capacitor
22uf 1206 Capacitor x 1
4.7uf 1206 Capacitor x 1
200R (0 Ohms can also be used instead of this)
AMS1117 x 1
USB Micro port
M7 Diode
DPDT Switch
WS2812B LEDs x 49

Link to article