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Raspberry pi SMS

Software for Raspberry pi to send and receive SMS. Also you can send commands to the raspberry pi to do specific actions.

I use a modem connected to a raspberry pi 2 B, to receive the status of one system connected to the raspberry. The Raspberry read the sensors and send a SMS with the information whenever the sensor cross a defined threshold, Also I can send commands by SMS to the raspberry to do specific action like, force the reception of the status, know if the system is running or reboot the raspberry. I wrote this code in C but I also create a class in C++. The code is very simple first: I setup the modem and send the proper AT commands to setup the SMS. Then I create thread to receive the SMS and identify the commands. No all phones can send commands or ask for info, they must be in a list of authorized number, if they are not in the list, the code is rejected the SMS. Once the SMS command is accepted, you have to create a loop (i.e. while()) to process the commands received in the SMS. You can add as many commands as you want in the receiving and processCommand functions. I used pthread and wiringPi libraries so you have to compile it like this : gcc -o main main.c -lwiringPi -lpthread”

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