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T3rminal 3d Printed Cyberdeck/Mobile PC

The T3rminal is a CyberDeck that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months and wanted to make it open source. I took inspiration from different devices such as the Decktility, YARH, and other projects. you can help and follow the project at my Github:

- Raspberrry Pi 4
- Mini Keyboard
- Pisugar S plus
- 18650 battery case (subject to change)
- 18650 battery (subject to change)
- Btt Pitft 50
- Dsi ribbon cable
- Rocker switch
- Usb 3 connectors (for modding raspi)
- Jumper wire
- Usb c extension connectors (for diy cable)

Other Tools
- Soldering iron
- Glue gun
- Screwdriver
- m3/m2.5 bolts
- 3d Printer (my recommendation)
- 3d printer filament
- superglue”

Link to article