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YARH.IO is a fully hackable and custamizable Raspberry Pi based handheld, running Raspberry Pi OS and supporting all other Operating Systems available for Raspberry Pi.

The dream of a hackable Linux powered handheld has been around for many years, and many attempts have been made to create a working device. While some of the devices have reached the market, none of them withstood the test of real world user experience.

YARH.IO project has taken on the challenge of building a fully functioning device by combining the best of Raspberry Pi design and 3D printing technology.

This project takes hackability to the next level by ensuring that every single component needed to build YARH.IO can be easily sourced, with no custom PCBs and just a bit of wire soldering required.

YARH.IO handheld and its unique modular design with exposed interfaces offers unprecedented connectivity with unlimited platforms and devices.

This model is powered by Raspberry Pi 3B+ and has the best ratio of functionality and computing power requirements for a mobile device. When it comes to the battery powered devices, the overall power consumption and longer battery are more important then the extra processing power or memory.

For this model, the width of the main module is based on the keyboard dimensions for improved handling. The 5” Resistive Touch Screen 800x480 HDMI TFT LCD Display is a good option for YARH.IO as it will allow you to perform all of the usual tasks with ease. “

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