QuizzPi is an arcade type trivia game. QuizzPi was born becasuse I had the need to give my daughter an entertainment. She is 7 years old and she already demands the use of new technologies, the idea was to create something that was both fun and educational.
Requirements of the project:
Easy to use Portable Easy to upgrade the set of questions and answers High scores tableMultiple items are configurables. You can create your own database of questions/answers or you can use one of the multiple servers which offers a database, where you decide the type of questions, difficult, … I created for my daughter a database of first grade questions, but we can change configuration to get trivia questions from an oline server. This instructable version get the questions from a collaborative questions and anwers, the Open Trivia Database. I have choose general knowledge questions but you can choose film, sports or religion questions.
I apologize for my poor English. I’m Spanish but I have preferred to create this instructable in English so it can reach to more people.
Let’s go!”


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