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I often face a situation when I want to test a motor, sometimes for my projects, sometimes just to see if it works. The simplest solution is just to connect it to a battery or some kind of power supply and that’s ok but what if you want to control motor speed for example by PWM? You have to use Arduino with motor controller, connect all of that, program it and then you can use it, but that’s a lot of work. What if there is simpler solution for that. So I started thinking if I can use something else then microcontroller to create PWM signal, and I thought about world’s most popular integrated circuit (IC) the 555 timer. I already made few things with 555 timer like my useless machine, so I thought that it can also be used to create a 555 PWM motor controller. After quick research on the internet I found out how to create that kind of circuit, it’s a little bit tricky because it’s not a standard configuration of 555 timer. Thanks to this small project I can test my motors and prototype new projects on the go everywhere I am. So are you ready to see how I made it? Let’s dive in to it!”

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