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If you’re interested in learning about the most fundamental basics of electronics then LOGIX will help you through

Logic gates are electronic circuits that perform logical operations on one or more input signals to produce an output signal. They are the building blocks of digital circuits and are used to create complex digital systems such as microprocessors, computers, and other digital devices.

In this project, we will discuss how to create a Logic Gates Training Board, which we call the LOGIX. The LOGIX is a circuit board that can receive any logic gate and produce an output signal based on the used gate. We will explain how each of the most commonly used logic gates work and demonstrate how they can be combined to create more complex circuits.

I designed and Assembled the LOGIX in my home-lab so if you wan to follow the same process then you may need the following tools:

- Digital Microscope Camera LINKMICRO
- Flux removal Solvent
- Tape
- Spatula
- Hot Plate MHP30
- Solder Iron Weller WE1010NA
- Precision tweezers”

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