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Hey everyone what’s up,
SO here’s something really cool, a small Christmas tree-themed PCB powered by 555 timer ic and a CD4017 Decade counter.

The idea here was to make a simple Blinky Board that drives 10 LEDs in a blinky sequence or mode. LEDs are driven by CD4017 and 555 timer ic controls the decade counter’s clock pin.
In this Instructables, I’m gonna show you guys how I made this PCB in a few easy steps.
Also, I made this setup as a soldering challenge kit, We solder all the THT components with a soldering iron and the end result will be a complete Blinky circuit that is themed after a cool-looking Christmas tree.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

These are the stuff I used in this build-

- RGB LEDs 5mm (you could use normal LEDs here as well) x 10
- 100K Ohms resistance x 2
- 10K Ohms Resistance x 1
- SR206 Diode x 1
- 555 Timer IC x 1
- CD4017 x 1
- 22uF Capacitor x 1
- 100nf Capacitor x 1
- Breadboard x 1
- 12V Power source”

Link to article