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An Electronic LED Roulette you can self build

Let’s call back an electronic version of one of the most famous casino games: no tricks and no cheats… The “roulette” is without a doubt one of the most famous and practiced casino games in the word, and it is surely one of the most widely employed, along with poker, in famous movies from all genres: from Westerns to police movies, from spy stories to comedy. Among the various versions available in the world, known as French roulette, English roulette and American roulette, we took inspiration from the first one, which is definitely the most famous; the main difference amongst various versions mainly focuses on the presence of the double “0” or lack thereof and on the disposition of black and white numbers. Obviously, we couldn’t but present an electronic interpretation of our roulette, therefore we thought about how to design a circuit capable of reproducing the rotating movement of the ball thanks to the sequential lightning of a set number of LEDs. In the solution we designed and that we are going to describe in the following paragraphs, the ball’s circular movement can be obtained by piloting 37 colored LEDs in an appropriate manner and the final number can be outputted through unilateral lighting of one of those LEDs.”

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