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Match the Color Game Using 555, 4017 and RGB LED

I created a circuit in which random colors are picked and where the user must attempt to match the colors as many times as possible for a high score as they blink on and off from left to right at a certain speed. The score and the info are displayed on the serial monitor. The buzzer also makes three unique sounds one for matching, mismatching, and a tune for a new high score. The project is quite simple and not too complex to understand. I’ve created a diagram on TinkerCAD as well as a working circuit in real life.

- 1x Arduino UNO
- 1x Breadboard
- 1x Buzzer
- LEDs (4x yellow, 3x green, 2x red)
- Resistors (12x 10k, 6x 330)
- 1x 100 F Polarized Capacitor
- Wires
- 1x Pushbutton
- 1x 555 Timer
- 1x 4017 Decade Counter
- 1x Potentiometer (Optional)”

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