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It was an exciting day on Thursday this week on Twitter. I was able to watch the release of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s new microcontroller board, the Raspberry Pi Pico and it looks like it will have lots of features that will be of interest for Simple DIY Electronic Music Projects.

And the best bit? It already has a huge, supportive community to grow around it, extensive documentation, some really neat hardware features (thanks to it’s custom chip from the RPi people)., and you can buy one for just £3.60! In fact, if you subscribe to Hackspace Magazine (as I do) you get one for free with Issue 39.

I’m not going to go over it in detail or “review” it, as you can essentially pick any of your regular online maker news sites and read about it there (here is a good start), but this is my MIDI “Hello World” as it were.”

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