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Hello Everyone,
I was inspired by and printed various sizes of the moon.

They turned out good, but my challenges were

Making it portable, rechargeable
Work with and without wire
Electronic circuit for the lamp
Multi colors
Easy service/troubleshooting
Wooden stand

- 3d Printed Moon
- Lithium battery from an old phone (width less than 28mm)
- RGB LED strip
- RGB controller with remote
- TP4056 - lithium battery charger
- MT3608- DC step-up convertor
- 5.5x2.1mm power jack
- Push-button
- Wires
- Soldering iron
- Hot-glue
- Multimeter
- Scrap wooden plank
- Jigsaw
- PVA glue / fevicol
- 13/64” dowels”

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