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Higher or Lower Arduino Game

This first ever Arduino project of mine is a simple card game where you are given a card from a standard deck of cards and you need to guess whether the next card will be either higher, lower or equal to the card you just got. Then try to get as long of a streak as you can without getting a wrong answer.

The concept is derived from a simple drinking game called “bussen”. I made this prototype so that I could use it in the drinking game without the possibility of having a cheating dealer (me).

The project was quite difficult for me as I am a complete newbie to Arduino’s, but I feel like I managed quite well. I hope you enjoy the results.


- Arduino Uno
- 1 B10k rotary potentiometer
- 3 buttons
- 3 10k ohm resistors
- LCD 1602 screen
- wires wires wires


- 6 pieces of wood with a thickness of 1cm, other dimensions below
- 2x 12x5 cm for the sides
- 2x 12x17,5 cm for the front and back
- 2x 7x19,5 cm for the top and bottom pieces


- a saw
- chisels
- a nail gun and nails
- wood glue
- 4 small screws”

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