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Jackelyn Garcia-
Hector Villalobos-
Allan Hambly-
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Here is the YouTube video for our project:

California Maritime Academy (ET Department)
Professor Chang-Siu
Erin Cole
Gage Sturgeon
Jack Whelan
The Idea:
The Simon Says Box is a combination between the game Simon and an Arduino project called The Useless Box, along with our own touches. In our game, there are four different colored LEDs that will randomly display a sequence of colors. At the start of the game, one color is displayed in which the player is to correctly match it by pressing the corresponding colored button. If the color is correctly matched, the game will add a second color in addition to the first. Each time the colors displayed are matched in the correct order, the players moves on to the next level where one more color is added to the previous pattern. This tests the player’s ability to memorize the patterned sequences and makes it more challenging as they move on to each level. An LCD screen was incorporated in order to keep track of what level the player is on and also designate when the player has lost (this is part of our losing sequence). In addition, our losing sequence includes the function of two servo motors, with arms attached to them, that work together to bring out a customized 3D printed sign that may say something like “Sucker!” The game is programmed to go up to 100 levels, making the game almost impossible to beat, so good luck in trying to beat it!”

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