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Today, I would like to share how to build a “Talking Clock” based on Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board, which can notify the real time, temperature and light level by voice.

The main components are included:
1pcs x Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.
1pcs x Speaker.
1pcs x DS3231 Real Time Clock Module.
1pcs x AMS1117 3.3V Power Supply Module.
1pcs x Double Side DIY PCB 7x9cm.
1pcs x TIP41C.
1pcs x Capacitor 1000uF.
1pcs x Resistor R1K.
1pcs x Female header 40P.
2pcs x Screw 2P female headers.
20pcs x Copper pillars 10mm.
12pcs x Copper pillars 20mm.
12pcs x Female power jack.
Some bolts & nuts and led pins.
Power supply 5V.”

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