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Arduino Barometer

Using an Arduino UNO and Nano to display Air Pressure on an analogue display using 3 stepper motors
Air Pressure in hPa (Hectopascal) is displayed on the large main dial and is updated every 10 minutes.
There are 2 secondary dials, one shows the last 6 hour pressure change and the other shows the last 3 hour pressure change.
The 3 hour dial has an increased resolution of 0.5 hPa as this is used for weather forecasting.
There are LEDs to show when extended range is in use on all three displays and also LEDs to indicate the weather forecast off the 3 hour display.
Inside the case two 20x4 LCD screens show info from each of the microprocessors.
The main air pressure display and 6 hour display are controlled by a RTC. This clock also provides a 1 hour pulse for the 3 hour display.”

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