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For this project, we (Alex Fiel & Anna Lynton) took an everyday measuring tool and turned it into a clock! The original plan was to motorized an existing tape measure. In making that, we decided it’d be easier to create our own shell to go with the electronics. We motorized a tape measure and programmed it to move over the course of the day to show the time in hours (inches).
To keep the whole project looking as best it could, the largest challenge became minifying the electronics and keeping the overall footprint of the device to roughly the size of the real object.

Arduino Nanox1
Adafruit Precision RTC Chipx1
Stepper Motor H-Bridge Chip x1
Stepper Motorx1
12v 1A Adaptor x1
Tiny Limit Switch x1
Boost / Buck Converterx1
6mm (diameter) x 3 mm Magnetsx6
6mm Ball Bearings x(3-10)
A couple loose Male / Female Headers
Soldering Iron

Finishing / Case:
3D-Printer (or access to one)
Bondo Auto Body Filler
Silver Spraypaint
Black Spraypaint
Yellow Spraypaint
Vinyl Cutter (Or access to one)
Autodesk Fusion 360 (if you want to make tweaks to the model)”

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