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(Old) mechanical clockworks are incredibly interesting and pleasing to watch, but are unfortunately almost impossible to build yourself. Mechanical clocks also lack the carelessness of the precise digital technology available today. This Instructable shows you a way to combine the best of both worlds; by driving mechanical clock hands through a planetary gearbox with a stepper motor and an Arduino!

General components:

5mm wood and acrylic sheet
M5 bolts (countersunk), washers and nuts
PCB standoffs
M3 screws for the stepper motor
Electrical components:

Stepper driver (i used the L293d)
Any type of Arduino
Real Time Clock (i used the DS3231)
Hall effect sensor (i used the A3144)
5mm Neodium magnet
Buttons for user input
10K resistor
100uf 25V capacitor
DC jack
5V 2A DC power supply
Battery for the RTC (cr2032 in my case)
Mechanical components:

Any type of 1.8 degree/step stepper motor with 5mm axle
GT2 400mm timing belt
GT2 60 tooth 5mm axle pulley
GT2 20 tooth 5mm axle pulley
5x16x5 mm bearing (3x)
5x16x5 mm flanged bearing (2x)
M5x50 threaded rod”

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