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I recently came up with a new idea for an unconventional display by using a magnetic viewing film that changes color in a magnetic field. In contrast to some other magnet viewing films this one shows a variety of colors depending on the magnetic field strength and also changes back to the original color when the magnetic field disappears.

Naturally, this was going to be another clock project. Behind the viewing film numbers made of magnetic material are arranged on four wheels. The numbers are hidden behind a thin foil so they are only visible when they are viewed through the magnetic film.

The clock design was inspired by Moose408’s Slide Clock but instead of linear rails I used wheels to make the clock more compact so that it fits on a table.

- 6 x 4 inch magnetic field viewing film (amazon)
- A4, 0.4mm thick self-adhesive magnet foil (ebay)
- 4 pcs, 28BYJ-48, 12V stepper motors
- Arduino Uno + CNC shield + stepper drivers
- DS3231 RTC module
- 4 pcs, KY-003 hall sensors
- 4 pcs, small Nd magnets (e.g. 2x5mm)
- DC power jack
- 12 V power supply
- A4 vinyl foil, black
- 3D printer
- vinyl plotter”

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