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A Drum Machine for Bassists (and Others) to Practice With V

A greener internet of things with no wires attached

A New Perspective on 3D Printing! V

A peculiar protected structure links Viking knots with quantum vortices

Adventures with the Linux Command Line

Arduino Based AC Voltage Control using Zero Voltage Crossing V

ATtiny x04/x14/x24 Development Board v2

Clock sculpture

Construction Begins on NASA’s Next-Generation Asteroid Hunter

DIY Simple PCL82 Low Voltage (12V) Tube Amplifier V

Finding Hidden Regularities in Nature: JAIST Researchers Apply Deep Learning to X-Ray Diffraction

First EUV light marks key milestone for production of Intel 4 in Europe

How to Add a Raspberry Pi Pico Reset Button

How to use oneButton Library V

I2S output FM Tuner V

IoT AI-driven Smart Grocery Cart w/ Edge Impulse

LOTP Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot V

Mini serial console with three different serial ports

n-RFi Monitor V

NanoStat: An open source, fully wireless potentiostat

NASA Explores a Winter Wonderland on Mars V

Over-engineered dual core light barrier

Perpetual Battery-Free Weather Station

PIC32/6502 Blinky Robot


Robotic Arm Ft. Arduino Mega, TheGHIZmo, Aarav G

Rolls-Royce UltraFan technology demonstrator build complete and getting ready to test

Shrinking Hydrogels Enlarge Nanofabrication Options

Simon Says With Joystick

“Space Mushroom” : Full 6 DOFs Controller for CAD Applications V

SpaceX launches 54 upgraded Starlink internet satellites and nails rocket landing at sea in 60th flight of the year V

Spicy Roller - Meal Desicion Machine V

The Linux Command Line

Touchless Doorbell

Using Additive Manufacturing To Detect Counterfeit Parts

Watch the Latest Water Satellite Unfold Itself in Space V

13th Gen Intel Core Platform Crosses 9 GHz in Overclocking Frequency World Record V

A Rough Start Can Lead to a Strong Bond

A Shield For 2D Materials That Adds Vibrations To Reduce Vibration Problems

Arduboy DIY with FX

Arduino Based 4-Legged Mobile Robot Built From Scratch V

At the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics

ATLAS moves into top gear for Run 3

Brightening dark excitons with photonic crystals

C & GUI Programming 2nd Edition

CityU scientists discover a novel photophysical mechanism that has achieved record-breaking efficiency for organic photovoltaics

Comet Impacts Could Bring Ingredients for Life to Europa’s Ocean

Designing better battery electrolytes

Designing quantum materials with quantum computers

DIY Turntable Rotating Platform

Early Experiments With 3D Printed Light Pipes

ESP8266 Air Quality monitor with Nova PM Sensor SDS011 V

Europe’s Vega C rocket fails on 2nd-ever mission, 2 satellites lost V

EV record breakers! Sunswift 7 goes 1000km on a single charge in world’s best time V

General Purpose Relay Timer V

HackSpace magazine #62

High way lane switch + obstacle avoidance autonomous robot

How to Connect nRF24L01 and MPU6050 for Gesture Control V

IBM and Rapidus Form Strategic Partnership to Build Advanced Semiconductor Technology and Ecosystem in Japan

Indoor Air quality analysis using ESP32 and Bytebeam cloud

IOT based visitor counter

Light years ahead: the advanced chip shaping an ultrafast tech future

Line Follower with Obstacle Avoiding Robot V

Lisp Star

Lora rfm95 simple Gateway

LOTP Robot Dog V2 V

Mail Notifier - WiFi Edition

Matrix Spirit Level V

Microgranny Sampler: Completely Home-built (not a Kit!)

Midbar V2.0

Mini WiFi Scanner using OLED

Minimal GIF Decoder

More stable states for quantum computers

NASA Retires InSight Mars Lander Mission After Years of Science

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Deposits First Sample on Mars Surface V

New sensor uses MRI to detect light deep in the brain

Pacman Clock - Seeed Wio Terminal V

Photonic Chip With Record-Breaking Radio Frequency Dynamic Range

Putting a new spin on computer hardware

Quantum technology grant for modelling molecular mirror images

Research on proton conductors holds promise for development of clean energy materials

Researchers use quantum mechanics to see objects without looking at them

Samsung Electronics Develops Industry’s First 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM

Self-assembled power

Simple Bench Signal Generator

STMicroelectronics enhances digital power combination controller for overload stability and regulation

The Donnan Potential, Revealed at Last

The MagPi 125

Three wires to rule them all: CD4094 & CD4021 shift register tutorial V

TS-DET1 – micro:bit keypad synth with detuning V

VULCAN forges new science for the future of 3D-printed metal V

What Triggers Flow Fluctuations in Heavy-Ion Collision Debris? V

2.4Ghz ULTIMATE Tool WITH nRF24L01 | nRFBox V

2D material may enable ultra-sharp cellphone photos in low light

6bit Digital-Analog-Converter

A new spin on bouncing sound waves

A robust self-healing polymer made from a common chemical

An all-optical approach to pumping chip-based nanolasers

An Easy To Build Programmer For 2704 / 2708 / TMS2716 / MCM68764 / MCM68766 EPROMs

An important step towards strong and durable biobased plastics

Arduino IoT Based Energy Meter

Arduino Robotic Arm

Automatic FART EXTRACTOR / Bathroom Dehumidifier Fan

Autonomous RC Car

Baylor Chemistry Researchers Synthesize New Groundbreaking Compound

Chaos gives the quantum world a temperature

Charging up with carbon nanotubes

Chicony Power and TI join forces to bring GaN technology to next-generation energy-efficient laptop power adapter

Computational system streamlines the design of fluidic devices

Confident x-ray analysis

Detecting dark matter with quantum computers

DIY Wi-Fi Controlled NeoPixel Christmas Star


Electronic Scales V

Enhancing organic solar cells’ green glow

Flameproofing lithium-ion batteries with salt

Gold-based passive heating for eyewear V

Grove Light Meter (Diy Luxommeter) V

Hard-Dino LCD Game

Holiday NeoPixel Display

Ic 555-Based Pcb Snowflake

JOYCON Button and Analog Stick Board V

Laser controls ultra-fast water switch

Laser Scanning Microscope From Blu-Ray Player V

Linux Kernel 6.1 Released, This is What’s New

Liverpool computer scientists improve Python sorting function

Magnet Viewing Clock V

Making a Hybrid Viewfinder

Microsoft and Viasat announce new partnership to deliver internet access to underserved communities globally

MIT engineers design a soft, implantable ventilator

NASA’s Juno Exploring Jovian Moons During Extended Mission V

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight Has Launched – Follow the Mission in Real Time

National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition


New Strategy Proposed for Ultra-long Cycle Lithium-ion Battery

Nexperia announces two new additions to their TrEOS family of ESD protection devices for high-speed data lines

NIST Retires SHA-1 Cryptographic Algorithm

Novel Chemical Reaction Supports Carbon-Neutral Industrial Processes

NXP Expands Industry’s Broadest Matter Portfolio with New, Secure Wireless MCUs

Paper-thin solar cell can turn any surface into a power source V

Particles of Light May Create Fluid Flow, Data-Theory Comparison Suggests

PCB Present Ornament

Princeton chemists create quantum dots at room temp using lab-designed protein

Qualcomm Revolutionizes Home Networking with Wi-Fi 7 Immersive Home Platforms

Quantum algorithm of the direct calculation of energy derivatives developed for molecular geometry optimization

‘Quantum time flip’ makes light move simultaneously forward and backward in time

Raspberry Pi Pico As HID Mouse V

Renesas and Fixstars to Jointly Develop Tools Suite that Optimizes AD and ADAS AI Software for R-Car SoCs

Researchers Create Ultracold Triatomic Gas of High Phase-space Density

Rice flashes new life into lithium-ion anodes

Robotic Arm Controller From Homemade Conductive Paint V

Servo Tester and Sequencer

Solar Panel Tracking System

Solving grammar’s greatest puzzle

Splashdown! NASA’s Orion Returns to Earth After Historic Moon Mission V

Team Spy Family V


The Nap Button

Toshiba Develops Transparent Photoluminescent Phosphor for LED, Sensing and Security Printing Applications

Two Exoplanets May Be Mostly Water, NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer Find

UK-led robotic sky scanner reveals its first galactic fingerprint

Using the power of symmetry for new quantum technologies

USTC Realizes On-demand Storage of Photonic Qubits at Telecom Wavelengths

Variable Frequency Oscillator V

YMFC-32-C Drone - Enhanced Telemetry System

3D Printed Chistmas Tree Lamp

A bare metal programming guide

A faster way to preserve privacy online

All the possibilities of the cleanroom V

Arduino MPU6050 Interactive scrolling game on 32x8 Matrix V

Building energy-efficient computing platforms

Can Plasma Instability In Fact Be the Savior for Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Thrusters

Color Mixer Box

Communications system achieves fastest laser link from space yet

Death Stranding Desk Lamp V

Environmental Toolkit for an Ecological Area V2.0

Fingerprints authentication and collect attendance

Hand-held measuring tool V

Hazardous Gas Detector V

How the 8086 processor’s microcode engine works

ILI9341 TFT LCD - tiny anti-aliased colour text

Intel Research Fuels Moore’s Law and Paves the Way to a Trillion Transistors by 2030

Iron for energy storage

Lattice Extends Low Power Leadership with New Lattice Avant FPGA Platform

Lightweight with maximum surface area V

Locomotion modeling evolves with brain-inspired neural networks

Make a Coooool Wio Terminal Robot Stand

Microchip Showcases RISC-V-Based FPGA and Space-Compute Solutions at RISC-V Summit

Micron Delivers the World’s Most Advanced Client SSD Featuring 232-Layer NAND Technology

Milestone for laser technology

Mini Fogging Cauldron - No Dry Ice, No Fog Fluid V

Molecules Have an Orientation, and Scientists Have a New Way to Measure It

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gets the Dirt on Mars

New instrument measures supercurrent flow, data has applications in quantum computing

New lidar technique could help robotic vehicles land safely on Mars

New Process Allows 3-D Printing of Microscale Metallic Parts

New quantum dots study uncovers implications for biological imaging

New Quantum Light Source Paves the Way to a Quantum Internet

New tech’s potential to significantly reduce energy storage costs

Nostalgic CMOS Frequency Meter

Nuclear Theorists Collaborate to Explore ‘Heavy Flavor’ Particles

PiBM PS/2 Model 25 - 3D Printing, Assembly, and Electronics V


Pizza-Pizza CNC Machine

Programmable Keypad Rev B

Pulse Width Modulation and LEDs V

Quantum clocks in the real world

Researchers say space atomic clocks could help uncover the nature of dark matter

Rotary Keyboard

Say Hello to the Toughest Material on Earth

Seeed XIAO Mechanical Keyboard and Development Board

Sensor DataLogger

Servo Drawing Machine

SK hynix Develops MCR DIMM – World’s Fastest Server Memory Module

STMicroelectronics boosts EV performance and driving range with new silicon-carbide power modules

STMicroelectronics simplifies sustainable product design with USB Type-C® Power Delivery software for STM32 microcontrollers

The smallest robotic arm you can imagine is controlled by artificial intelligence

Time Circuits Timepiece

Unusual gamma-ray burst reveals previously undetected hybrid neutron-star merger event

Using I2C sensors on a linux via a USB and IIO

Why doesn’t aluminium rust?

Wireless Joystick Module Experiment With ESP8266 on ESP-Now

12V DC Motor Controlled By Adafruit TB6612 Motor Driver

A bug fix in the 8086 microprocessor, revealed in the die’s silicon

A crystal shape conundrum is finally solved

Accelerating plastic degradation in the environment: Bayreuth study researches heat resistance of enzymes

Amateur Scientists Have Helped Astronomers Identify Nearly a Quarter-Million Galaxies

ATX Bench Power Supply

Automatic Humidifier V

Automatic Watering System Using Pico:ed V2

Blackout Logger

Brake Light and Turn Signals for Backpacks V

Breaking the scaling limits of analog computing

Busy GPUs: Sampling and pipelining method speeds up deep learning on large graphs

Changing the color of quantum light on an integrated chip

Chinese astronauts board space station in historic mission

Engineers use quantum computing to develop transparent window coating that blocks heat, saves energy

Faster Than the Fastest FFT for Arduino

Firewood-free mini fireplace V

Flight Simulator Switch Panel for Xbox/PC

German Federal Printing Office, Fraunhofer and Infineon demonstrate for the first time electronic passport security for the quantum computer era

Getting real-time position using MPU9250

Graphene heads to the moon

How to Use HC-05 Bluetooth With Raspberry Pi Pico Using Micropython

Ionizing Radiation Detector

Levitating balls and high-speed oscillators to help solve quantum physics problems V

Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 1st flight after major software update

Midbar (ESP8266 Version)


MIT researchers use quantum computing to observe entanglement

More control over plasma accelerators

Mysteriously bright flash is a black hole jet pointing straight toward Earth, astronomers say V

Neuralink demo shows monkey performing ‘telepathic typing’ V

New device can control light at unprecedented speeds

New quantum computing feat is a modern twist on a 150-year-old thought experiment V

NIST Finds a Sweet New Way to Print Microchip Patterns on Curvy Surfaces

Novel 3D Printing Method to Fabricate Complex Metal–Plastic Composite Structures

PEMF Therapy device experiments - general description, build V

Photonics chip allows light amplification

Programming tool turns handwriting into computer code

Pusan National University Researchers Introduce an Energy-Efficient Method to Enhance Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites

Quantum leap for Heriot-Watt research into unhackable communications networks

Rebuilding IC555 - Astable Multivibrator

Renesas’ New Programmable Clock Generator Delivers Industry’s Best Combination of Programmability, Power, Jitter, and Size

Reversing the charge

RP2040 Oscilloscope Analog Front-end

SeismoM5 Earthquake Sensor

Shining a new light on oil-slick rainbows and other thin-layer physics

Soft touch sensitivity

Sound Disturbance and Temperature Detector for Gamers V

Stabilizing Lithium-Ion Batteries with Microbially Synthesized Electrolyte Additive

STMicroelectronics’ automotive audio power amplifiers bring digital flexibility to eCall, telematics and AVAS

STMicroelectronics boosts all-round performance in op amps for industrial and automotive environments

STMicroelectronics reveals 100-Watt wireless power receiver for fastest Qi-compliant charging

The ATtiny 2-Series

The Circle of Life (a digitless, pixeldust clock)

TI expands space-grade product portfolio with radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant plastic packages for missions from new space to deep space

U-M team recycles previously unrecyclable plastic

uOttawa researchers solve 20-year-old optical light mystery

Uranium takes an alternate pathway under extreme conditions