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Ic 555-Based Pcb Snowflake

Winter is here, and the most interesting thing in winter is Christmas. As a PCB designer, I decided to build something useful for Christmas and so I made a blinking PCB snowflake for Christmas tree decoration. we can use this to decorate our Christmas trees, walls etc. The flashing of LEDs will attract everyone. So let’s see how I made this.

following are the things required in this built-

- 1555 timer IC_
- Custom PCB
_- 1
10K Resistor -0805

- 31kiloOhms Resistors-0805_
_- 1
10uf Capacitor-0805

- 110nf Capacitor-0805_
_- 12
LEDs - 0805

- 6LEDs -1206_
_- 1
SOT-23 2n2222 transistor”

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