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'Wild' Animals Repellant Sensor

The project is about creating a system that will help you scare away ‘Wild’ animals like dogs when they are on the attack.

Any time the term Ultrasonic comes to our mind, we figure out the communication of the dolphins and the bats. Ultrasonic is used to refer to any sound that is beyond the audible sound frequencies and this is something over 20kHz. Some equipment such as the ultra scan systems that are used in the diagnosis of the patient in the medical field extends to sound frequencies of 10MHz and beyond. Our Wild Animal Repellant sensor is a designed system that will be used to scare away angry and attacking dogs. The system is built of a 555-timer integrated circuit, a small ferrite transformer, and a speaker.

The system’s main part is a 555-timer which is an IC that has applications in timing, oscillating, and pulse generating.

Components used:
- 555 timer
- Red LED
- 3, 3V capacitors- 2
- Switch NO
- Piezoelectric speaker
- 10nF capacitor
- 1N4004 diodes- 3
- 63 uF resistors
- 4.7k Variable resistor
- 2.2k resistors-2
- Ferrite transformer”

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