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We’ve come full circle. Here’s a timer made up of timers…

This project was undertaken as a potential submission for the 555-contest hosted by Hackaday in 2021. At its core this widget operates as a cooking timer, implemented with 276x 555’s. The user sets the time on a 7segment display (in minutes), and the timer counts down (in base 10) until the counter is depreciated. Once all the 7segment display is all 0’s, the timer triggers a temporary alarm to notify the user.

This widget is intended as a somewhat cheeky response to Hackaday’s 555 contest. You’ve likely come across many different timer or alarm based circuits in the past, possibly even ones featuring 555’s to some extent. This timer of timer’s is somewhat different; it’s almost entirely made up of 555’s. The widget was rightfully dubbed the 555 Timer Timer, and consists of 276 NE555’s!!”

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