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Joycon is a free-to-use button board that we can use for making XYZ stuff that requires the use of buttons or an analog joystick.

This board was made with the intention of using an ESP32 microcontroller to build a game controller.

I also wanted to build a breadboard-friendly system that would allow me to swap out the ESP32 board with another board if necessary.

The goal was to create a board that could be tested before moving on to the next edition, which would include an ESP32 Wroom microcontroller with buttons and a joystick.

The following are the materials used in this project-

- Toggle Buttons
- Analog Joysticks with cover
- Male Header Pin connector
- Breadboard
- ESP32 Board
- Jumper wires
- Arduino Nano

The Joycon Board is a straightforward PCB that acts as a breakout board for buttons and analog sticks.

Each button is wired to the header pin and GND and works in a pull-down configuration. Also, the analog pins of the joystick are connected with both VCC and GND, and the middle pin of all potentiometers is connected with header pins as well.

A 24-pin header connector, which will be used to mount this board on a breadboard, connects each button.

This board’s design is also straightforward, with four buttons on the left D-pad, four on the right D-pad, and the other eight buttons located in the center.

Additionally, two analog joysticks are positioned on the board’s left and right sides, just above the D-Pad.”

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