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The Nap Button

A simple project that uses an old Speaker pHAT and a Pi Zero to make a nice-sleep inducing sound, on the press of a button.

Intro Button
White noise can really help drown out sounds and help people relax and get to sleep - so I thought why not try a quick project with a Raspberry Pi to generate white noise or any sleeping aid sound with a the tap of a button.

And despite the fact the supply chain issue may be coming to an end; it’s still pretty hard to get a Raspberry Pi now so why not build it with some parts from an old project?

Hardware Button
I am actually re-using some older tech I had built prior - so the main hardware instructions for this can be found at my old PiBadge project. Just follow the part where the button is hooked up to the Speaker pHAT.

The difference with this project is that the HAT is put on a Pi with just a normal case and no battery (will be powered from mains) along with a heatsink and some standoffs to allow the speaker room to fit.”

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