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Pi Zero Bikecomputer

An open-source bike computer based on Raspberry Pi Zero (W, WH, 2 W) with GPS and ANT+.

Pi Zero Bikecomputer is a GPS and ANT+ bike computer based on Raspberry Pi Zero(W, WH, 2 W). This is the first DIY project in the world integrated with necessary hardwares and software for modern bike computer. It measures and records position(GPS), ANT+ sensor(speed/cadence/power) and I2C sensor(pressure/temperature/accelerometer, etc). It also displays these values, even maps and courses in real-time. In addition, it write out log into .fit format file.

In this project, Pi Zero Bikecomputer got basic functions needed for bike computers. Next target is to add new functions which existing products do not have!

You will enjoy both cycling and the maker movement with Pi Zero Bikecomputer!”

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