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3D Printed Arduino Based Analog Digital Clock - Reincarnated. V

8Ch PMOS breakout Board PCB

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings and Scientists Make Jewelry

A Princeton lab has designed a new antenna that works ‘like a transformer robot’

A Quan­tum Video Reel

Arduino Game Controller for NES and GBA

Arduino Hourglass V

Artificial photosynthesis uses sunlight to make biodegradable plastic

Cardboard with a more sustainable coating

Colour images from the shadow of a sample

CWvox, A voice keyer for Morse C

Danish quantum physicists make nanoscopic advance of colossal significance

DIY Smart Home Upgrade: Turn Your IKEA Curtains Into Smart Blinds

Electric car batteries can help drive the clean electricity transition

Electrons in the Fast Lane

Elevated design keeps solar stills salt-free V

Graphene researchers discover long-term memory in 2D nanofluidic channels

HexLight V

How a 3 cm glass sphere could help scientists understand space weather

Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes

Microelectronics give researchers a remote control for biological robots V

Mimicking an Enigmatic Property of Circadian Rhythms through an Artificial Chemical Clock

NASA, DARPA Will Test Nuclear Engine for Future Mars Missions

NASA System Predicts Small Asteroid to Pass Close by Earth This Week

NASA Validates Revolutionary Propulsion Design for Deep Space Missions V

NASA’s Fermi Detects First Gamma-Ray Eclipses From ‘Spider’ Star Systems

New detector could enable high-speed quantum communication

New shield blocks electromagnetic interference while allowing wireless optical signals

No ‘second law of entanglement’ after all

PCB Binary Watch V

Ping Pong Ball Collector Robot V

Plasma thrusters used on satellites could be much more powerful V

Putting clear bounds on uncertainty

Quantum computing for drug development and finance applications – Significant Business Finland funding for quantum software research

Recreating classic games with a bare MCU

Recyclable mobile phone batteries a step closer with rust-busting invention

Redesigned MCP23017 Breakout

Renesas Introduces New Gate Driver IC for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs Driving EV Inverters

Researchers combine classical and quantum optics for super-resolution imaging

Researchers unravel the complex reaction pathways in zero-carbon fuel synthesis

Responsive Soundbars for Speakers

Reverse-engineering the conditional jump circuitry in the 8086 processor

Reverse-engineering the Intel 8086 processor’s HALT circuits

Scientists observe “quasiparticles” in classical systems for the first time

Scientists Unveil Least Costly Carbon Capture System to Date V

Simple means to a clear view

SK hynix Develops World’s Fastest Mobile DRAM LPDDR5T

St Petersburg University mathematicians prove the existence of hidden attractors in an electrical circuit

Stroboscope V

The MagPi 126

Two technical breakthroughs make high-quality 2D materials possible

Ultrasonic sensors can safeguard residential gas lines

UNH InterOperability Lab and Microchip Technology Partner to Expand 1000BASE-T1 PCS and PHY-C Automotive Compliance Testing

W boson turns 40

17-pound meteorite discovered in Antarctica

A robot able to “smell” using a biological sensor V

AD9833 Function Generator V

Approaching the terahertz regime

Artifacts, Begone! NIST Improves Its Flagship Device for Measuring Mass

Beep Beep

Blast Chiller for the Quan­tum World

By detecting tiny flashes of heat, scientists pave way for more stable quantum computers

Can you trust your quantum simulator?

Chicken Egg Incubator with Arduino

China’s Mingyang looks ‘beyond 18MW’ with 140-metre blade offshore wind turbine giant

Computers that power self-driving cars could be a huge driver of global carbon emissions

Counting the transistors in the 8086 processor: it’s harder than you might think

Deflecting lightning with a laser lightning rod

DNS DriveBy: Stealthy GPS Tracking Using Open Wi-Fi V

Dolphin-inspired compact sonar for enhanced underwater acoustic imaging

Driving NeoPixels with Z80 V

Facial Recognition and Tracking Project with mechArm V

HackSpace magazine #63

HID Keyboard Device with Raspberry Pi Pico

Home Assistant Heating Controller

ID Chicken Eggs with Thermal Images, ML, and Cellular IoT V

Ionic Liquids’ Good Vibrations Change Laser Colors with Ease

IoT AI-assisted Deep Algae Bloom Detector

Led lamp for kid’s hat

Light-based tech could inspire Moon navigation and next-gen farming

Linear Scale ТЕА5767 FM Radio on ili9341 TFT Display V

MIT engineers grow “perfect” atom-thin materials on industrial silicon wafers

Multi-layered ‘space skin’ can help future satellites and spacecraft harvest energy

Multimaterial 3D printing with a twist V

Nanoparticles make it easier to turn light into solvated electrons

NASA Issues Award for Greener, More Fuel-Efficient Airliner of Future

Nearly 50-meter Laser Experiment Sets Record in Campus Hallway

New Algorithm Closes Quantum Supremacy Window

New All-in-One Hybrid Power Drive Module Solution from Microchip is Designed for Electric Aviation Applications to Reduce Development Time and Weight

New Small Laser Device Can Help Detect Signs of Life on Other Planets

Number Maze Game

Open UpCell

Optical Glove Controller using LDR V

OverEngineered Pen Holder V

Precision Motor Controller with LM629 and PIC MCU V

Quantum computers threaten our whole cybersecurity infrastructure: here’s how scientists can bulletproof it

Quantum physics: simulation of superconductivity

Record-breaking detection of radio signal from atomic hydrogen in extremely distant galaxy using GMRT

Renesas’ New Automotive Intelligent Power Device Enables Safe and Flexible Power Distribution in Next-Generation E/E Architectures

Researchers from ITMO Discover New Photonic Properties of Dielectric Resonators

Samsung Introduces the 200-Megapixel Image Sensor for the Ultimate High Resolution Experience in Flagship Smartphones

Scripps Research polysulfates could find wide use in high-performance electronics components

Shedding Light on Quantum Photonics

SprayMaster V

STMicroelectronics’ dual-channel digital isolators cover flexible configurations

Technion researchers present the first observation of the Cherenkov radiation phenomenon in the two-dimensional space

The Arduino Launch Control System (LCS)

The world watched the inauguration of Spaceport Esrange V

Ultra precise retro style OLED ArduWatch

3D printing reaches new heights with two-story home

4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Animated LED Sand V

Arduino Synthesizer V

Build DIY Soil Moisture Meter Using Arduino Nano

Building blocks of life found in meteorite which crashed landed in Gloucestershire

Catalyst for more efficient chemical production on the horizon


Computational Imaging Book

Cosmic Superbubble’s Magnetic Field Charted in 3D for the First Time V

Cubes outperform spheres as catalyst particles

Deere & Co. will allow farmers to repair their own equipment

DIY Raspberry / Orange Pi NAS That Really Looks Like a NAS - 2023 Edition V

Electrons Take New Shape Inside Unconventional Metal

Engineering in harmony

ESP07 Dev Board from Scratch V

Espressif Reveals ESP32-P4: A High-Performance MCU with Numerous IO-Connectivity and Security Features

Gas Leakage Detector V

Historic UK Mission Reaches Space, Falls Short of Orbit

Hive Monitoring

How Do Rocky Planets Really Form? V

How to make Оriginal Plasma Rife Machine V

Humidity may be the key to super-lubricity ‘switch’

I made my own USB DOCTOR!!

Integrated photonic circuits could help close the ‘terahertz gap’

Introducing the new MKR IoT Carrier Rev2: Time to start your next IoT project

Light Accelerates Conductivity in Nature’s ‘Electric Grid’

Lithium-sulfur batteries are one step closer to powering the future

Magnetic Levitation with ATtiny1614 V

Making engineering sound fantastic

Metal-free batteries raise hope for more sustainable and economical grids

Micron DDR5 Delivers Increased Performance and Reliability for the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family

Milestone for light-driven electronics

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight Team Assessing Spacecraft’s Propulsion System

NASA’s TESS Discovers Planetary System’s Second Earth-Size World V

New autofocus camera modules! V

New Quantum Capabilities for Naval Warfare Centers

New spin control method brings billion-qubit quantum chips closer

New UCF-developed Battery Could Prevent Post-hurricane Electric Vehicle Fires

Now on the molecular scale: electric motors

Nuclear reactor mystery solved, with no need for new particles

Optical coating approach prevents fogging and unwanted reflections

Organic Finbonacci Clock

Organic X-ray excitement for innovative imaging

Pi Zero Bikecomputer

Portable personal DIY dosimeter

Renesas Introduces Low-Power RL78/G15 MCU with the Smallest 8-pin Package Option Available within the RL78 Family

Researchers create an optical tractor beam that pulls macroscopic objects

Reverse Geocache Box V

Rocket Lab Sets New Date for First Electron Launch From U.S. Soil

Samsung Electronics Unveils High-Performance PC SSD That Raises Everyday Computing and Gaming to a New Level

Screen-printing method can make wearable electronics less expensive

Shift to ultraviolet-driven chemistry in planet-forming disks marks beginning of late-stage planet formation


Solar-powered system converts plastic and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels

St Andrews scientists turn up the heat on physics phenomenon

STMicroelectronics brings 32-bit kick to cost-sensitive 8-bit applications with STM32C0 series microcontrollers

STPOWER automotive-grade devices from STMicroelectronics run cooler in surface-mount ACEPACK SMIT package

Testing Servo Capes with the BeagleBone Black

The 8086 processor’s microcode pipeline from die analysis

The Greenest Generation: NVIDIA, Intel and Partners Supercharge AI Computing Efficiency

The optical fibre that keeps data safe even after being twisted or bent

Turning abandoned mines into batteries

Unpacking the “black box” to build better AI models

Using machine learning to forecast amine emissions

USTC Makes Progress in Ga2O3 Semiconductor Devices


13th Gen Intel Core Processors

3D printing of single atom catalysts pioneered by research team for industrial chemical and energy applications

6-Channel Speaker Selector V

A better photon detector to advance quantum technology

AI08 Devboard

AMD Unveils Suite of New Radeon GPUs to Power High-Performance, Power-Efficient Gaming Laptops V

Analog Devices and Seeing Machines Work Together to Accelerate Safer Driving Through Sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Arduino LCD Info panel for PC (LCD Smartie) V

Automate environment management prevent lightnings damage

Ball Balancing Robot V

CWX-2 ESP8266 BME280 Compact Weather Station D1

Earth-Sun Distance Sharply Alters Seasons in Tropical Pacific in a 22,000-Year Cycle

Electrochemistry converts carbon to useful molecules

Electronic Bridge Allows Rapid Energy Sharing Between Semiconductors

Entire colour palette of inexpensive fluorescent dyes



First Israeli Nanosatellite Designed to Communicate from Space with Optical Ground Station V

Home automation using Google firebase and NodeMCU V

How to Make Pocket GPS with GPS Neo-6M and ESP32 V

How To Use LoRa_02 With Arduino

I2S output FM Tuner with RDS V

Improving the operational stability of perovskite solar cells

Inside the 8086 processor’s instruction prefetch circuitry

Into the blue: Progress in perovskite LEDs for deep-blue light

James Webb Telescope Reveals Milky Way-like Galaxies in Young Universe

Keyboard as a Python Code

Lab lights way to simple chemical synthesis

Lights! Cameras! Atoms! Scientist Peers Into the Quantum Future

Logic Gate Game

More energy-efficient robotic systems?

New quantum computing architecture could be used to connect large-scale devices

New Type of Entanglement Lets Scientists ‘See’ Inside Nuclei

Next-generation wireless technology may leverage on the human body for energy

Nordic Semiconductor announces multi-function Power Management IC (PMIC) with unique system management features

NXP Introduces Advanced Automotive Radar One-Chip Family for Next-Gen ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems

NXP’s New i.MX 95 Family of Applications Processors Delivers Safe, Secure and Scalable AI-enabled Edge Platforms

PanoBot V

PCB Design Tutorial


Qualcomm Introduces Snapdragon Satellite, The World’s First Satellite-Based Solution Capable of Supporting Two-Way Messaging for Premium Smartphones and Beyond V

Quick and dirty guide to Lithium battery-powered Wemos D1 Mini

Radio Alarm Clock - Full build Tutorial (open source) V

Renesas Announces Its First Wi-Fi Development Kit with Support for New Matter Protocol

Researchers show a new way to induce useful defects using invisible material properties

Ring in the New Year with an XMC based Mechanical Display

Samsung Advances New Era of Screens With Its New 2023 Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Samsung OLED Lineup, Boasting Powerful Performance, Secure Connectivity and Personalized Experiences V

SMD and PCB Holder

Sony, Honda roll out prototype of ‘Afeela’ EV that uses Qualcomm tech V

SPORT and petitSat CubeSats to shed light on space weather disturbances

STMicroelectronics and eYs3D Microelectronics to showcase collaboration on high-quality 3D stereo-vision camera for machine vision and robotics at CES 2023

Strengthening electron-triggered light emission

Superconductivity and Ferroelectricity Found in the Same 2D Material

The Game Boy DMG Color (DMGC)

The history and mystery of Tangram, the children’s puzzle game that harbours a mathematical paradox or two

The MacroPad Jukebox

TI enables automakers to take full advantage of EV range with the industry’s most accurate battery cell and pack monitors

Tipping Point: NVIDIA DRIVE Scales AI-Powered Transportation at CES 2023

Two Light-Trapping Techniques Combine for the Best of Both Worlds

Ultrasound technology helps with brewing better beer

Water Pollution, a Major Environmental Contamination Issue, Solved by Developing Eco-friendly Materials Capable of Purifying Water at High Speed with Inexpensive Raw Materials!

What Not to Miss at CES 2023

World record back at HZB: Tandem solar cell achieves 32.5 percent efficiency