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I love PCB. I love Binary. A few years ago when I was browsing the Instructables one project attracted me very much. The project was a PCB watch named The Nerd Watch. When I saw that I fall in love with the watch. I tried to make one but I didn’t have all the tools to make the watch. After that several more PCB and Binary watches were made by community members and published in Instructables. Those watches are really excellent and mind-blowing. A few of them are:

Binary Wrist Watch

MechWatch - a Custom Digital Watch

The Ultimate Binary Watch

Taking inspiration from all of the watches above finally I made my own PCB Binary Watch which was my dream for many days.

I focused on the aesthetic of the PCB as I am going to keep it open from any type of casing. Intentionally I kept the trace of the top PCB layer free from solder musk so that all the track can be visualized clearly. That gives a better look. For preventing the tracks from corrosion I used Gold Finish on the top surface. I also placed all resistors and capacitors on the bottom side of the PCB.

After finishing I was surprised by the looking of the watch. It really looks great. This can be a perfect watch for electrical and computer engineers. If you are an engineer and like binary I am pretty sure you will like it.

This is going to be a perfect engineer’s watch!!!

Required Hardware Components for the Watch:

- ATMEGA-328P SMD Microcontroller
- DS3231M SOP-8 RTC
- 13pcs 1206 SMD LED of your preferred color
- 1pc 4x4x1.5mm SMD Button Switch
- 4pcs 100 ohm 1206 SMD Resistor
- 2pcs 4.7K 1206 SMD Resistor
- 1pc 10K 1206 SMD Resistor
- 1pc 1nF 1206 SMD Capacitor
- 1pc CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder
- 1pc CR2032 Coin Cell Battery
- Watch Strap Band
- Watch PCB
- PCB Stencil

Hardware Tools Required to Make the Watch:

- TQFP32 QFP32 TO DIP32 IC Programmer Adapter
- SOP8 to DIP8 IC Adapter (Optional)
- Breadboard
- Jumper Wires (Male to Male)
- Solder Paste
- SMD Reflow Oven or Reflow Station or made one by yourself.

Software Tools Required:

- Fusion 360 or EasyEDA CAD tool
- Arduino IDE

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