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BCD Binary Clock for your desk

A small BCD binary clock to put on your desk. It’s USB powered and can display time, date and temperature.

I just wanted a small clock to put on my desk. But me being me, I didn’t just want any ordinary clock. So that’s how this little project started.

I decided to put as much information as possible on the clock, so even someone who doesn’t know how to read BCD could easily understand it.

There are 3 different modes:
1 - Time: Obviously shows the time.
2 - Date: Shows the date in the following format (day/month/year).
3 - Temperature: Shows the room temperature with a resolution of 0.25°C

In order to control the clock, there are 4 buttons on the back side of the board.
3 of which are used to set the time and date, the select button is used to switch between
time, date and temperature mode.

I am always open to learn new things, so any feedback is appreciated!”

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