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SMALL 3D-printed OLED Wrist-Watch

Hello, do you like to build your own Wrist-Watch?

It surely is a challenge to build a small DIY Wrist-Watch like this. The benefit is the pleasure to having made your own idea real and beeing proud of reaching this skills-level…

The reason for me to make my own Watch was that my cheap smart-watch –stated to be water-proof– gave up its poor ghost once dipped into a swimming pool… :(
So I was angry of buying watches (another expensive “solar”-watch also gave up - its propietary small-sized battery had no chance to be replaced…).

On the other side, existing DIY-Watch Projects for my flavor were mostly to heavy or too rustical – so I decided to build my own watch, having so the possibility to include my preferred features!

If you like, you may modify the software, to realize your own ideas: I’ve commented out every line (depending on chosen Program between 700-800 lines…) – But be warned: This project is really challenging and surely not for beginners! The small and light sized (30 x 30 x 10 mm) form requires precise handling of the 3D-Printed case and careful soldering of the 2-sided board: although option for PCB-ordering of the board exists (Eagle- and Gerber-files included) here I made it with my specialized Toner-Direct method – instruction therefore also included here).

Properties of the Clock:

- The 128x64px OLED-Display shows a Digital and Analog Clock, activated with the Right button, showing Date, Time, Battery-Level and Wrist-Temperature. Alternatively (if you like) it may include an Alarm or a Timer.

- A complete Month-Calendar is displayed pressing the Left button more than 0.6s, highlighting the actual week-day.

- Pressing the Left Button short selects a simple Menu to choose Date, Time (and Alarm or Timer, if chosen to include in the program), values to set with the Right button.

- Pressing the Right button twice activates a small LED-“Torch”-Light, (good for black nights).

- Between 22PM and 7AM the OLED-Display is automatically dimmed, (see there, with included special dim-function!) so it doesn’t blind at night.

- The Li-Ion Battery lasts nearly 2 Years, assuming the display+electronic consumes about 25mA lasting 5s alight, displaying the clock about 10 times per day.”

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