A simple to build LED matrix flip clock.

I build this 8x8 LED Matrix Module CLOCK developed by Adrian Jones.Time is displayed by scrolling from left to right, or, under software control, from top to bottom. Each digit of the time successively slides in from the right side and when centered, stops momentarily and brightens slightly. It then scrolls to the left while the next digit in the display scrolls into view. The cycle repeats with a short delay between successive displays.For “from top to bottom” vertical flipping you should change :

static boolean top2bottom = false;


static boolean top2bottom = true;

As you can see in the comments of the code, many parameters can be changed, for example scroll spreed, number of blank lines between characters, 12/24 hour display, ms between characters, brightness etc..

Time can be easily set using a rotary encoder.A two-color diode displays the setting mode (minutes, hours or normal).I put the clock in a box made up of two basic pieces so the access to the inside of the box is very convenient and practical.”


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