Further details on this build on my site here Word Clock
Arduino Word Clock with minute resolution of time in words and linear display of seconds.
There are also modes for digital clock, analogue clock, temperature & humidity, & also three games, Game of Life, Simon & Tetris.
The clock can be stand alone or run as a slave off a Master Clock if required.
There is an option for PIR control so the clock automatically turns off when no one is in the room.
The Clock measures 500mm x 500mm (19.68” x19.68”) weighs 12lb (5.5Kg) and is designed to be wall mounted. There are touch pads in each corner to setup and control the clock.
CreditsThis clock is based on the original Word Clock by Wouter Devinck full details on his Instructable & GitHub and the “Catalan” Pijuana Word Clock software based on Wouter Devinck’s clock (this is a fork off the original Wouter Devinck design) here GitHub.”


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