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I’ve made some “nixie” tubes. These are actually 7 segments displays made with filament LEDs but placed in a plastic bottle so it will have a more vintage nixie look. To control the LEDs I’m usig the MAX7219 driver that could control 4 x 7 segments displays. To get the real time, I’m using the DS3231 module that works with a i2c communication so it’s easy to use. The project also has 2 push buttons to set the hour and minute. All is inside a wood case painted with varnish so it will look more vintage.

First of all, download the STL files below and print them. I’ve made the supports using PLA material, 2 perimeters, 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height, also 15% infill using my CR10. Now taht we have the plastic circle supports, we start by cutting some steel wires. This wire is very cheap and you could find it at any chinese bazar or home depo. We will need a total of 7 wires for the positive pins of the LEDs and 3 for GND.”

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