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A Big Step toward the Practical Application of 3D Holography with High-Performance Computers

A bionic mushroom that generates electricity

A new way to provide cooling without power

A starch and graphene hydrogel geared towards electrodes for brain implants is developed

Accelerating 3-D printing

Amazon Web Services Announces 13 New Machine Learning Services and Capabilities, Including a Custom Chip for Machine Learning Inference, and a 1/18 Scale Autonomous Race Car for Developers

Arcade Stick for PC and Raspberry Pi

Arduino DIY Bluetooth Controller LED RGB Strip

Arduino Mega + WiFi = Automation V

Arduino Powered Bi-directional DC-DC Converter

Audio Amplifier | Simple & Powerful V

Beijing plans an AI Atlantis for the South China Sea - without a human in sight

Building Better Batteries by Borrowing from Biology

Disordered Materials Could Be Hardest, Most Heat-Tolerant Ever

Electric Butterfly V

For All Times, For All Peoples: How Replacing the Kilogram Empowers Industry

From Webcam to Microscope (EN/FR)

Fujitsu Develops World’s First Single-Panel Antenna to Simultaneously Support Multiple 5G Communications

HackSpace magazine #13

Hadrian X V

Headless Raspberry Pi Configuration

High Resolution PWM Signal Generation for RC Servos With STM32 Devices

HispaBrick issue 31

How to Build and Flash ESPurna Open Source Firmware to Sonoff POW Wireless Switch

How to Make a Wristband Pedometer

How to melt gold at room temperature

Infinity Clock - Arduino - WS2813 and DS3231 V

InSight Is Catching Rays on Mars

LEAP: Little Electronic and Arduino Projects

Living electrodes with bacteria and organic electronics

Making it crystal clear: Crystallinity reduces resistance in all-solid-state batteries

Motion and Gesture Detection by Arduino and PIR Sensor

New Device Widens Light Beams by 400 Times, Broadening Possibilities in Science and Technology

newelectronics 27 Novembro 2018

NIST Atomic Clocks Now Keep Time Well Enough to Improve Models of Earth

NIST Simulations Suggest Graphene Can Stretch to Be a Tunable Ion Filter

Paper Piano With Arduino V

Photonic Radiation Sensors Survive Huge Doses Undamaged

Portable Precision Stroboscope V

Powerful aurora-forming mini explosions seen behind the Earth

Putting hybrid-electric aircraft performance to the test

Quantum computing at scale: Australian scientists achieve compact, sensitive qubit readout

Racing electrons under control

Researchers Successfully Train Computers to Identify Animals in Photos

Rubber Band Gatling Gun Turret (Arduino)

Samsung Electronics Brings Multi-terabyte Storage Capacities at Accessible Price with 860 QVO SSD

Scrolling Bubble Display V

Servo Maze Controlled by Gyroscope - Arduino V

Shedding a new light on optical trapping and tweezing V

Silk Adhesive Paves the Way for Epidermal Electronics


Sonoff Basic Rebuild to Low Voltage (12V)

Spotting nature’s own evolution of quantum tricks could transform quantum technology

Sun exposure gets personal with wearable UV sensors

The MagPI 76

The Memory Game

Thermoelectric cooling gets fit for micro technology

Uber has cracked two classic ‘80s video games by giving an AI algorithm a new type of memory

Unlocking the Secrets of Metal-Insulator Transitions

Using Old DVD Drive Lens As Color Detector

Volvo Trucks provides autonomous transport solution to Bronnoy Kalk AS

WiFi Air Quality Station

Wireless Music Reactive Floor Lamps V

ZEPPP : zero external parts PIC programmer

3D Printed Speaker That Works! V

Alarm Clock

Arduino Color Picker V

Arduino Controller for Automated 360 Product Photography V

Arduino Shooter Game V

Arduino: Using a Sound Sensor to Determine Ideal Audio Levels

Arduino Weathercloud Weather Station

Automatic Arduino Water Dispenser V

Autoscope V

Bending Light Around Tight Corners Without Backscattering Losses

Building a new wave of lightweight structural panels

Calibrate a magnetic sensor

Clap-activated LED Array

Current Ranger

DIY Battery Level Indicator/Auto Cutoff for 12v Battery V

DIY Light-up TARDIS Patch Jacket V

Driving a Stepper Motor Without a Microcontroller. V

Electronic Skin points the Way North

Energizing heat for smart appliances

Engineers Use Machine Learning To Help Find Renewable Energy Sources V

EnviroPi: Taking a DIY Internet-of-Things approach to an environmental monitoring system

ESP32 Micro Robot Arm V

Explaining the plummeting cost of solar power

Feeling the Pressure with Universal Tactile Imaging V

FlowerCare and Nymea to Rescue My Plants

Graphene boosts GHz signals into terahertz territory

Hackbot in the Morning

Helping fuel cells beat the heat

Hotter than the sun: Chinese fusion reactor claims breakthrough

How to Make an Arduino Radar V

How to make an RC airplane from a red bull) V

How to Switch Off a Joule Thief During Daylight V

HRE Wheels partners with GE Additive to create first 3D-printed titanium wheel V

‘Human brain’ supercomputer with 1 million processors switched on for first time

I2C GPS Module PCB

Imec, Ghent University and SEED Demonstrate Electronics in Hydrogel-based Soft Lenses

Improved WeatherStation 20x4 V

Improving materials from the nanoscale up

Instagram Likes Speedometer by Arduino & ESP8266

ISP Programmer for AVR Microcontrollers V

Life Saver

Literature Dispenser V

LittleBot Budget: Simple Arduino Robot V2 V

Low Cost Automation ESP32 and 16 Relays V

Low-cost Fluorescence and Brightfield Microscopes V

Mbed OS 5.10.4 released

Measuring True-RMS AC Voltage V

Microbial Bioreactor

Mini 2-player Arcade From an Old Laptop and Ikea Chopping Boards.

MIT engineers fly first-ever plane with no moving parts V

Monitor Your Energy Bills via Modbus

Mug-O-Matic Tiny CNC Drawing Robot V

NASA, Northrop Grumman Launch Space Station, National Lab Cargo

NE555 ON OFF Touch Switch Circuit V

New algorithms to predict power grid impacts from hackers, earthquakes and - squirrels?

New Materials: Growing Polymer Pelts

New prosthetic technology lets you control artificial arms as your own biological limb V

newelectronics 13 Novembro 2018

Next-gen batteries possible with new engineering approach

NRL Demonstrates New Nonmechanical Laser Steering Technology

Opening Access to Explore the Synthetic Chemistry of Neptunium

Password Protected Door Locking System V

Peltier Dehumidifier for 3D Printer Filament V

Portable Soldering Iron V3 V

Project: Home Energy Saver

PUZZLE - Arduino Logic Game V

Redefining the SI units

Repurpose Optical Drive With RPi

Researchers create new ‘smart’ material with potential biomedical, environmental uses

RPM Meter With STM32 V

Seeing cell membranes in new light

Self-sensing materials are here

Shift Registers: How Do They Work? V

Solar panels for yeast cell biofactories V

Solar Powered ATtiny85

Spatial Flux: Body and Architecture in Space V

Stanford develops an electronic glove that gives robots a sense of touch V

Super Gamepad Zero: RetroPie in an Original Super Nintendo controller V

Super Low Cost Source V

Supersonic Commercial Travel Begins To Take Shape At Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

The Incredible ESP32 Wrover From Espressif V

Tiny antennae directing light at the chip scale

Under pressure, opposites attract

Using electricity and water, a new kind of motor can slide microrobots into motion

Very Heavy Elements Deliver More Electrons

Water Leakage Sensor on ESP8266 + Micropython + Domoticz

1602 LCD Contrast Control From Arduino V

3 Easy Transistor Projects For Beginners V

3D Printed Etching Press

A burst of “synchronous” light

A New Spin on Hybrid Graphene Electronics

A Next Step for GRETA: A Better Gamma-Ray Detector

A simple 8-channel receiver voting controller for enhanced repeater coverage and usability

A Two-Atom Quantum Duet

A Used SpaceX Rocket Just Launched a Satellite for Qatar, Then Aced a Landing

Arduino Alarm With Digital Vibration Sensor

Arduino and full-color dot matrix LED made audio speaker V

Arduino Paper Controller (buttons, slider)

Arduino PRO Gateway for LoRa now available for pre-order

Arduino Zener Diode Tester

Atomic parity violation research reaches new milestone

Automatic Plant Watering System Using Arduino Based Embedded Platform V

Candy Claw Machine - Arduino Based Arcade Game V

Counting Punches with Circuit Playground Express V


Detecting Light in a Different Dimension

Directivity to improve optical devices

Electronic Tattoos Add Power to Wearable Computing V

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Wins FCC Approval to Deploy 7,518 Satellites

ESP32 / 8266 WiFi instant Camera V

ESP8266 Smart Plant

FAU researchers develop new baking method for improved energy efficiency in ovens

Flexible robotics for food production

Getting Started with the SmartLED Shield for Teensy

Gradled Mini: Prototype Modular Discrete LED Display

Graphene on the way to superconductivity

Grbl (CNC Controller) For ESP32

Herb(ert): A Desk Plant with Automated Irrigation

Homemade Handheld Console

How Infinity Mirrors Work - With Experiments V

Intel Unveils the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 at Intel AI Devcon Beijing for Building Smarter AI Edge Devices V

Introduction to DMX

Israeli Researchers Develop Technology For 3-D Printing Of Drugs


KAIST Introduces Faster and More Powerful Aqueous Hybrid Capacitor

Laser Architecture Can Create Complex Structures to Probe and Control Matter

LED Marshmello Helmet for Under $50

Light Controlled Stepper Motor + Wall Bracket/Stand

Light Hanger V

Making the e-paper equivalent of an Etch-a-Sketch V

Manual CNC Control V

Micropumps as a platform for understanding chemically propelled micromotors

Midair 3D Printing: Making Coil Springs Without Support V


New hyperbolic metamaterial fabricated by researchers at King’s College London

New product: Raspberry PI 3 Model A+ on sale now at $25 V

On-device AI processing with the new Exynos 9 Series 9820

open source bare-metal C firmware and documentation for microcontrollers

Open Source Smart Home With Touchscreen Control Panel

Parker Solar Probe Breaks Record, Becomes Closest Spacecraft to Sun

Put Your SMD Parts on Standard Perfboard

Quantum ‘compass’ could allow navigation without relying on satellites V

Researchers create first-of-its-kind composable storage platform for high-performance computing

Researchers Created Fake ‘Master’ Fingerprints to Unlock Smartphones

Revolve2 OpenSCAD library module

Scientists develop neural network for 3D printing of metal products

Scientists improve smart phone battery life by up to 60-percent

SDC18: Linux on DeX Will Make It Easier for Developers to Code on the Go V

Simple Homebrew 6502 Computer V

SK Hynix Inc. Announces 1Ynm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM

Skin-like sensor maps blood-oxygen levels anywhere in the body

Stanford researchers develop a rooftop device that can make solar power and cool buildings

Stretchy solar cells a step closer V

Study opens route to ultra-low-power microchips

TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer Module - With Arduino and NodeMCU V

The LM383 Story

The Most Luminous Galaxy Is Eating Its Neighbors

The next version of HTTP won’t be using TCP

UMass Amherst Materials Scientists Create Fabric Alternative to Batteries for Wearable Devices

UTA researchers find cheaper, less energy-intensive way to purify ethylene, the raw material for widely used plastics, industrial compounds

WiFi LED Light Strip Controller

1024 LED Matrix WiFi Message Board with Menu V

20 Sided Lamp

3 Simple Ways of Programming an ESP8266 12X Module

3D Printer Monitor Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 V

A faster, cheaper path to fusion energy

Arduino oled nitrox analyzer V

Army scientist seeks enhanced Soldier systems through quantum research

ATtiny Radio Controller V

Automatic Screw Sorter V

Batteryless smart devices closer to reality

Codebreaker Turing’s theory explains how shark scales are patterned

Controlling Servo Using MPU6050 Between Arduino and ESP8266 With HC-12

Dancing atoms in perovskite materials provide insight into how solar cells work

Decade Counter Using Ne555 And Cd4026

DIY SMD Rework Station V

E- kCracker: Firecracker Without Fire Using Arduino Embedded Platform V

Electronic Highways on the Nanoscale

ESP-NOW Home Automation Esp8266 Raspberry Pi MQTT

Extending the life of low-cost, compact, lightweight batteries

Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot V

Harnessing the power of sustainable energy

Homemade Nixies - DIY Vintage Clock V

How to Build Solar Based Power Bank Using Dead Mobile’s Battery

IBM To Acquire Red Hat, Completely Changing The Cloud Landscape And Becoming World’s #1 Hybrid Cloud Provider

Introduction to MQTT

Make Your Own Camera V

Mbed OS 5.10.3 released

Mechanical Arm Test Fixture

NeoPixel Bike Light V

New antimatter gravity experiments begin at CERN V

New efficiency record for low-cost solar cell

New quantum criticality discovered in superconductivity

New Research Center to Explore Spintronics Materials for Advanced Computing

New Tech Delivers High-Tech Film That Blocks Electromagnetic Interference

One step closer to complex quantum teleportation

Parametric Case

Physicists name and codify new field in nanotechnology: ‘electron quantum metamaterials’

Quantum Technologies Flagship: Basel physicists participate in three research consortia

Quiz Buzzer Using ATMEGA328P(Arduino) DIY V

Relays (DC): 99.9% Less Power & Latching Option V

Resplendr Pendant V

RFID and Keypad Door lock and Alert System Using Arduino V

SAMD21 LoRa Development Board with GPS

Spectrometer Using Arduino

STMicroelectronics Makes Leading Ultra-Low-Power MCU Family Even More Accessible with New STM32L0 Value Line

Tiny Terminal 2

Traffic Lights Using Arduino Uno V

Triple CNC Machine V

Two Clap ON - Clap OFF Circuits - 555 IC | 4017 IC V

Using diamonds to recharge civilian drones in flight

Voice Controlled Glasses and Magnifying Lens V

WiFi Solar Weather Station (v2.0)

Wireless LED Lamp with IR Remote Control

ABIR - Arduino Balancing Itself Robot V

Hacking an AVR programmer to function as a USB MIDI interface

1 Square Inch 20msps Oscilloscope V

5-Wire Resistive Touch Sensor

A new approach to liquid-repelling surfaces

A Solar Cell That Does Double Duty for Renewable Energy

Always-On Inertial Measurement Unit from STMicroelectronics Improves Accuracy, Optimizes System Power

An Environmental Monitoring Tool V

Announcing the release of Fedora 29

Arduino Controlling Led With HC-06 Bluetooth Module V

Arduino Relay Timer

Army researchers make giant leap in quantum sensing

Berkeley computer theorists show path to verifying that quantum beats classical

Build a 3D Printed Autonomous Robot

Charlieplexing Made Easy (and What It Even Means?!)


Control 4WD Robot With Tv Remote Using Arduino UNO and L293D V

Dovetailed Arduino Humidity Sensor V

Engineers develop ‘bury-and-forget’ sensors, data networks for better soil, water quality

ESP32 BLE Presence Detector

ESP32 Xiaomi Hack - Get Data Wirelessly V

ESP8266 Remote Camera

First private Chinese attempt to send rocket into space fails

First two-dimensional material that performs as both topological insulator and superconductor

Graphene takes a step towards renewable fuel

Halloween + Micro:bit V

Harnessing machine learning and big data to fight hunger

How to Make a Binary Clock With 20 LEDs and an Arduino V

Improved Switching Algorithm Helps Balance High-Voltage Power Converter

Inside these fibers, droplets are on the move

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Readies for Widespread Deployment

Interactive Tic-Tac Toe Game Controlled With Arduino V

IoT Based Home Automation Using Arduino Powered Embbeded Platform V

kiloboot: 1kB TFTP Bootloader for AVR / ENC28J60 V

LCD Trainer Kit V

Lens-free OLEDs with Efficiency comparable to that of Inorganic LEDs

Linear Servo Actuators V

Make a DIY Smartwatch Using ESP8266 V

Making solar panels that last half a century

Multi-functional Quantum Bits for Future Computers

Multi-Source Controlled USB Lamp V

Nanocrystals arrange to improve electronics

NASA Retires Kepler Space Telescope V

NASA’s Dawn Mission to Asteroid Belt Comes to End V

New Chip Measures Multiple Cellular Responses to Speed Drug Discovery

New laser breakthrough

New technology will enable metal parts manufacturing through 3D printing

newelectronics 22 Outubro 2018

newelectronics 23 Outubro 2018

Node MCU With 4 Port Relay Module, Blynk App, IFTTT and Google Home. Profit?

Novel Material Could Make Plastic Manufacturing More Energy-Efficient

Novel quantum dots enhance cell imaging

NTP Synchronized Alarm Clock

Pulsating LED Using a 555 Timer and Potentiometers

Quad Speaker Synthesizer

Qubits trained to find iron ore, brain pathologies, and distant quasars

RaspiWWV - Simulated WWV Shortwave Audio Time Broadcast V

Researchers Create First Scalable Platform for On-chip Quantum Light Sources

Rice U. scientists form flat tellurium

SerialDebug: Improving Debug to Arduino V

Shielded quantum bits

Simple, effective Earth-system modeling

Simple Weather Station Using ESP8266. V


Sound Bending Synth V

Spinning the Light: The World’s Smallest Optical Gyroscope

The Victorian Tantalus Nixie Clock

Theremin: an Electronic Odyssey V

Thingspeak Temperature And Humidity App Using Esp8266

Tiny Graphics Library

Using fine-tuning for record-breaking performance

Wingcopter, DHL and GIZ pilot drone delivery in Tanzania V