NTP Synchronized Alarm Clock

This is my first instructable and English is not my native language so please be patient.
I wanted to build an NTP alarm clock with an RTC that will be synchronized from the internet.
I found the very nice clock by ZaNgAbY and this guy( Thanks ).
The clock is a led dot matrix RTC clock based on the famous ESP8266 that is synchronized to the NTP server.
Despite the clock is very nice it lacks some functions I like so I added some.
1. Alarm function with a separate display.
2. Auto brightness.
3. External reset button if clock is stack and need reset.
4. Changed the month to a number and not a word (I like it that way)
5. On startup if WiFi connection failed and the RTC time is valid the RTC time is displayed.
6. A blue led will lit if there is a WiFi connection.
7. WiFi ssid and password is not hard coded, you can change it thru a web page.
8. If after 24 hours it can’t update from NTP server the ESP8266 will try to reconnect to WiFi .
9. Alarm stop switch is a touch button”


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