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I made a Clock that not only display Time,Date, Temp & Hum but you can send message to the clock via Mobile App (Blynk) from anywhere in the World as long as you are connected to internet. And you can also alert by Pressing Panic Button in Clock a Notification Alert will be sent to Mobile instantly through internet. Good for Home Security if you have kid or elderly person in home alone. In Emergency they can alert you by just pressing the button at the back of the Clock. It also work offline showing current time ,temp humidity. Two way communication. The case is designed in Tinkercad where all components will fit in easily.

- NodeMCU
- DHT-22 sensor
- DS3231 RTC Module
- MAX 7219 LED Matrix Display
- Buzzer
- Mini Push Button Switch - 5-6mm
- Resistor 10k Ohm”

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