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In ancient times people used Hourglass to measure the passage of time. Hourglass is a simple device that consists of two glass bulbs that are connected vertically with a narrow neg and that allows the flow of sand or fluid from top to bottom. most of the time the flow duration is about one hour that’s why we call hourglass. That’s enough why I am taking this because this tutorial is about How to build a digital Hourglass using Arduino.

let’s start with gathering all components first we need a brain to control everything here I am going to use an Arduino because it has enough digital io pins also Arduino supports i2c. next to detect the orientation we need an accelerometer in this case I am going with ADXL335 3 axis accelerometer. To represent the sand we need LEDs for easy connections I am going with an 8*8 led matrix which is driven by max7219ic so we can control this matrix with just three pins. We need two of them one for the top and one for the bottom. Finally, a battery of 7.4 volts will perfect for this job. additionally, we need wires and some foam board for making the frame.

ADXL335 3 axis accelerometer
8*8 led matrix
7.4v battery”

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