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Mathias Ferreira and David Flores, students of ‘Creative Electronics’, a Beng Electronics Engineering module at theUniversity of Mlaga, School of Telecommunications. What about to apply Arduino and electronics knowledge over an ancient invention as the hourglass is? Well, that is what we did for our Creative Electronics final project. We combined both ideas in order to improve and create a more attractive device. We give thanks to Edison Science Corner because they gave us a wide range of ideas about the Arduino Hourglass and we added some other improvements.
The functioning consists in a led hourglass with gravity sensitivity, where we added the way to set up the time in minutes and seconds that the hourglass is working.


- Arduino (we use Arduino Leonardo)
- 2x 88 led matrix MAX7219_
- ADXL335 GY-61 3 axis accelerometer
- Display 7 seg, 4 digits TM1637
_- 2x buttons 6
6*5 mm

- 2x 330 ohms pull-up resistances for buttons conection”

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