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Arduino Game Controller for NES and GBA

Made a Simple Game Controller with Seeed’s XIAO M0 DEV Board and 3D Printed body.

So here’s a FUN little project that involves retro games:

To play classic games like Super Mario, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and many others, the Arduino Game Controller Project was constructed.

The internals of this NES-GBA Controller are buttons soldered on a perf board connected to an XIAO M0 Dev Board, which powers the entire controller. The controller’s body is entirely 3D printed.

The XIAO M0 SAMD21 Dev Board from Seeed is compatible with the GamePad Library since it supports HID, which is crucial for this project.

This project cannot be built using well-known boards like the Arduino Uno or Nano, as they do not have HID support.

This Article is about how this game controller was built from scratch, so let’s get started.

Material Required
The following are the materials used in this project-

- XIAO M0 Dev Board
- 12mm x 12mm Tactile Buttons
- Perf Board
- Wires
- Joystick Test Board
- Breadboard
- 3D Parts”

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