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Button Mouse With XIAO

So here’s an intriguing project that uses an XIAO M0 to emulate a HID mouse, which can be used in place of a traditional mouse.

As previously stated, the XIAO M0 is combined with a few buttons and a 3D enclosure to create this simple mouse.

This Project is based on the HID functionality of the Atmega SAMD21 MCU inside the XIAO, HID stands for “Human Interface Device,” and it refers to a type of device that allows humans to interact with computers. Examples of HID devices include keyboards, mice, game controllers, and touchscreens.

HID is being used to enable communication between the microcontroller and a computer using USB. This allows the SAMD21 to function as a USB HID device, such as a keyboard or mouse.

The SAMD21 microcontroller has a built-in USB controller that can be configured to act as a USB HID device, allowing it to communicate with a computer through a USB port.

This is accomplished using the USB module provided by the SAMD21, which handles the USB protocol and communication with the host computer.

By configuring the SAMD21 as a HID device, the microcontroller can send and receive data to and from the computer through USB. This can be useful in a variety of applications, such as creating custom input devices or controlling computer software through a physical interface.

This article is about the whole building process of this mouse, so let’s get started.

- XIAO M0 DEV Board
- Custom Enclosure 3D printed
- Tactile buttons
- Perf Board
- Wires”

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