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GROW, the Opensource Soil Meter Project

Made a custom Handy soil meter that we can carry around for measuring soil moisture level.
This is GROW, an open-source, easy-to-build soil monitor setup that comprises an XIAO expansion board paired with a soil moisture sensor. The values obtained by the soil moisture sensor are displayed on the XIAO Expansion Board’s OLED screen.

Making a portable soil moisture meter that we could use anywhere to measure soil moisture was the primary objective of this project.

This was made possible because of the XIAO expansion board, and we are powering the whole project from a lithium polymer cell connected to the XIAO expansion board.

This article is about the whole build process of this project, so let’s get started with the build.

Material Required
These were the materials used in this project:

- XIAO SAMD21 M0 Dev Board
- XIAO Expansion Board
- Gravity Soil Sensor
- 3D Printed Holder
- M2 Screws”

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