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This project is a metal bender that I have made to bend stainless steel bars. It can also be used with another materials like metal wires. The bending tool can be replaced without cutting and welding, so if it breaks or you need to bend other size of materials you can make another tool.
I hope you like it!

- Carbon steel flat bar 5/8’’ x 1/8’’
- Flat bar 1-1/4’’ x 3/16’’
- Flat bar 2-1/2’’ x 1/4’’
- Round bar diam. 15mm.
- Round bar diam. 7mm (feel free to adapt for the material you already have).

- Tig welder
- Metal lathe
- Saw for metal
- Drill machine
- Measure tape
- Hand grinder
- Gas torch
- Metal container for water”

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