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For most of us there is always a constant battle to reduce wasted shop floor space. To me thats one piece of motivation for getting this project done. Ive got a 12 gallon shopvac hooked up to a cyclone dust separator and moving them around the shop together is a pain in the butt. Thats motivating factor #2. Ive also got a bunch of hoses and accessories taking up floor space in a separate box on the shop floor. More motivation.
The solution is to put it all in a mobile cart to pull around the shop as needed. Typically when you see these carts the shopvac and cyclone are sitting side by side. I didnt want to make mine side by side though. I wanted to use as much vertical space as possible with this build so the idea is to stack the cyclone on top of the shopvac. The frame that holds these two up will also house all of the tools as well as all of my hoses.
I start the vast majority of projects with a plan in hand. That wasnt the case with this one. I had a rough concept of what I wanted and designed as I went along. Since completing the project though I have put together a detailed set of plans for those who are interested in making this cart.”

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