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In this guide I will show you how to make your own Arduino LED Matrix display! In this project I decided to make my own PCB that is based on Arduino UNO microcontroller - Atmega328p. Bellow you will find the electronic schematic with PCB layout so you can easily produce it.

Display Features:

Day of the week
Temperature and Humidity
Ticker (scrolling) Text
Adjustable brightness level
Bluetooth communication
Memory saving
The board is specially design for up to 10 led matrix displays with MAX7219 IC. You can display the time and date (DS1307 RTC IC), temperature and humidity (DHT-22), change the brightness (15 levels or auto via photocell) and scroll a text message. We have developed an android and windows application to update time/date, brightness and text message via Bluetooth connectivity. The text and brightness value are stored in EEPROM memory, that means that every time that you will turn off/on the unit, these variables will be loaded from memory.”

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