In this Instructable, I will drive a 28-BYJ-48 step motor, with a UNL2003 darlington array board, sometimes named x113647, without a micro controller.
It will have start/stop, forward/backward, and speed control.
The motor is a uni-polar step motor with 2048 steps per revolution in full step mode. The datasheet for the motor is found at
The two devices can be bought together from several vendors. I got mine from
Bing it or google it to find a vendor near you.
I will first go through some steps and parts needed to get it running, and then add some steps and parts for some more control.
You should be warned that the parts that I use, are those that I happen to have in my treasure chest, and not necessarily the parts best suited for the purpose.
Also, you should be warned, that this is my first Instructable, and that I’m quite new to electronics.
Please add comments if you think I have done something that I shouldn’t, or if you have suggestions for improvements, or suggestions for better suited parts.”


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