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I created this pill or medication dispenser because my wife has to take several tablets in the morning and evening and was getting confused with which tablets she had taken and therefore not always taking the right medication at the correct time.

I wanted a simple system that would effectively dispense the correct tablets morning and evening.

It had to have a display to indicate when the tablets were ready and a timer to adjust when they were dispensed.

These are the supplies required for creating the dispenser with approximate UK prices:

Arduino Uno Board and USB cable £5
LCD display 1602 12C 16x2 £5
Clock DS3231 £4
Motor 28BYJ Stepper motor and ULN2003 driver £7
5mm LED
Push button switch and Cap
Wire for connections
Connector block
M6 50mm bolt
Glue gun
Soldering iron and solder
3D printer and PLA

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