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Star track is an Arduino based, GoTo-mount inspired star tracking system. It can point and track any object in the sky(Celestial coordinates of the object as input) with 2 Arduinos, a gyro,RTC module,two low-cost stepper motors and a 3D printed structure. I’m not just going to give you the instructions to build this project. In the first step, I’m going to introduce you to the basics of Positional Astronomy. Next, I’ll explain the idea behind this project. I’ll give you the Tinkercad links for the 3d printed parts. So you can edit them to your preferences. Also, I’ll include a troubleshooting guide based on the problems I encountered during this build. This way you don’t have to follow the instructions and build the same thing. Maybe you can find a better algorithm to track the stars. Or you can develop the structure and use bigger motors to drive a telescope? Your imagination (and resources of course :’)) is the limit. Let me know about your build!”

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