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An affordable Arduino Turntable designed for Time lapse photography. Changing the gearing and code it can also be used for Photogrammetry/3D scanning or Video.

The turntable operates on the move shoot move principle in the Timelapse and Photogrammetry modes where the camera is triggered via the sync cable.

The electronics can be adjusted based on personal needs, I for example opted for 2xOptocouplers to simultaneously trigger two separate cameras.

I would describe this as an intermediate level project,basic experience with Arduino and 3D printing as well as the ability to solder are required.



- 3D printed parts set, about 18 hours and 210g of material.
- 3xM8x8mm Hex bolts
- 2xM3x4mm Hex bolts


- 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor with
- ULN2003 stepper motor driver
- Arduino (or other microcontroller)

Camera trigger:

- PC817 Optocoupler
- 2x470 Ohm resistors
- Camera trigger cable


- Small breadboard or solderboard
- Female header pins for microcontroller
- Screw or plug terminals
- Power supply 5-12V


- Soldering iron
- 2.5mm Hex wrench”

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