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9V Mini Drill

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Building a 3D Printer Under 299$

Cardboard remote controlled car.

Down to the Wire: ONR Researchers and New Bacteria

Earth Proxima: Is Our New Neighbor the Most Promising Exoplanet Yet?

ESP8266 USB Software Driver

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Linus Torvalds Reflects on 25 Years of Linux

Make your own LED illuminated laser cut box V

McMaster researchers resolve a problem that has been holding back a technological revolution

Microchip Releases Industry’s First End-to-End Security Solution for IoT Devices Connected to Amazon Web Services’ Cloud

Monitor your Muscle Power on LCD V

Motor wire clamps

OBD II Information Logger and Diagnostics Reader V

Parametric Button Generator - Metric Edition

Peltier Fermentation Chamber for Beer

Program an Arduino with State Machines in 5 Minutes

Programmable network routers

PWM Solenoid and Valve Driver using DRV103 V

Random LED Dots: Entropy Library for Moah Speed with Less Gimcrackery

Raspberry Pi playing ZomBuster V

Restoring fertility with 3D printers

RFM69 WIFI Gateway

Robot Minion - Plant Watering Robot V

Robot tea

SF Muni LED Sign at Home with Raspberry Pi

Simple DIY Dual Pulse Spot Welder with Arduino Controller and Screen (microwave transformer based) V

Simple Graphical Game With Arduino and OneSheeld V

Simple Pump Controller and Circuit V

Solving network congestion

Sphere in cube

Temperature Sensing and Monitoring Using Arduino and Esp8266

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot

The MagPi 49

Twitter Mood Lamps with ESP8266 V

WiFi Plant Watering ESP8266 V

400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’

5$ Mini Singing Musical Tesla Coil Music Box ! V

Accelerating Foundry Innovation for a Smart and Connected World

Airlander 10: Maiden flight at last for longest aircraft

AMD Demonstrates Breakthrough Performance of Next-Generation “Zen” Processor Core

Arduino 101 BLE Rover V

Arduino Bluetooth Exploration Rover

Arduino Laser Tag - Duino Tag V

Arduino Lie Detector V

Arduino Project: Ultrasonic Sensor for Blind V

Arduino ServoTimer2 and VirtualWire 433MHz Receiver V

Arduino video game music chiptunes V

Arduino water level indicator: the best method to measure!

Audi’s New Technology Is the Beginning of the End of Traffic Lights V

Bi-Directional Voltage Level Translator

BittWare Delivers Arria 10 OpenCL BSPs for Altera OpenCL SDK 16.0.2 Release

Bluetooth Controlled Motorized Camera Slider V

Cable Tie

Cheap homemade 30 MHz - 6 GHz vector network analyzer

Dual 90V/10A Unregulated Power Supply

E-Kart: The electric Go Kart V

Electromagnetic Swing - DIY Lorentz Force Experiment

ESP12e oled “smartwatch”, honestly it’s a wrist display ;)

Every Liter Counts! Arduino Water Doser “Shield” V

Google is developing an OS called Fuchsia, runs on All the Things

Helsinki rolls out driverless bus pilot

How to make a 2 mile, long range FM Transmitter

How to Make a Mini Water Pump V

How to make Simon Says using ATtiny13a and mini breadboard. V

IBM Scientists Imitate the Functionality of Neurons with a Phase-Change Device

IBM TrueNorth ‘cognitive chip’ can capture 2,000 fps with a camera

Intel Unveils Project Alloy

Keychainino: a programmable, playful Key Ring V

Make Amazing Things Happen in IoT and Entrepreneurship with Intel Joule

MAKE your own 200 LoRa gateway

Making a Makerspace Temperature Logger

Modular DIY GeigerMüller counter

Moka Pot Guitar Effect

monomepi step sequencer V

No Pump Automatic Watering!

Patented bioelectrodes have electrifying taste for waste

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux

Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen display hacking V

Reach in and touch objects in videos with interactive dynamic video


Simple Electronics with GPIO Zero

Single line LED display Games V

Sleep Tracking

Solar Powered Weather Station

Space Biketron V

Surge Protector for Automobile Use

Tote Quadruped Robot V

Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month

Vortex laser offers hope for Moores Law

Wireless Solar Charge Controller Monitor ( RS485 to WiFi ) V

Xpider — the smallest smart robot spider in the world

1,007 dancing robots break world record in China

16 Channel Tiny InfraRed Remote Controller NEC Code V

A low-voltage disconnect for 12 volt lead acid and lithium batteries

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

An LED panel controlled by your guitar! (or other audio source) V

Arduino Plant hidration system

Arduino Servo Bot

Articulated Robot In 10 Minutes

Bluetooth HID gamepad using HC-05 module V

Breakout Board for ESP 8266 01

Carbon-Fiber Electric Skateboard Deck V

Control and supervision of the pool

Control Your Telescope Using Stellarium & Arduino V

DIY: Build a 70cm Band Yagi for Amateur Satellite Tracking

DIY pseudo-BGA

DrillBit Hodler

Electronics Maker Agosto 2016

Generador De Ruidos Arduino

Hand-held remote controller for Arduino etc

Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe

How to make a cheap 360 video camera with a Raspberry PI V

Intel + Nervana

Interactive Arduino Powered Coffee Table V

Introducing mbed OS 5

LED Persistance of vision Globe V

Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12

Make a progress bar with Arduino and LiquidCrystal V

Make an Optical Disk Display V

MIT and DARPA Pack Lidar Sensor Onto Single Chip

NETLIST unveils HYBRIDIMM™ storage class memory product with key industry partners

newelectronics 9 Agosto 2016

Ping Pong in Arduino, with MAX7219

Raspberry PI as retail product display

Raspberry Pi Piezo Beep Music V

RC Car Arduino Controlled

RetroPi Xbox Controller

Seagate’s 60TB SSD for businesses is world’s largest

Space Invaders FPGA Game

Sprinkling of neural dust opens door to electroceuticals

The Atomium Nixie Clock

Tiny high-performance solar cells turn power generation sideways

Toughening a RFID Door Opener V

Wireless All Sky Camera V

Work Light / Arbeitsleuchte

2 Digit Digital Up Counter Using PIC16F1825 V

An open source 3D Scanner made with Raspberry Pi

Android Dimmer V

Ardio V

Arduino home automation, Automatic door opene V

Arduino Motorcar Control Using 6-Axis Sensor V

Arduino Timer With On/Off Set Point V

Arduino weather box: The best Arduino weather station tutorial

Blinkybox V

Build an ESP8266 Mobile Robot

China exclusive: Chinese netizens bid farewell to Yutu, beloved lunar rover

China’s elevated bus: Futuristic ‘straddling bus’ hits the road

Clockwerk - A 3D Printed, Three-Axis Tourbillon

Controlling an Arduino Turret With IR Remote V

Customizable Hammond Style Box

Decode 433 MHz signals w/ Raspberry Pi & 433 MHz Receiver

DIY | Adjustable Timer using 555 & potentiometer V

DIY Pan and Tilt Network Security Cam with Raspberry Pi V

DIY Smart House 1 - Personal Voice Assistant V

Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design

Fitting Electronics Into Altoids


Garduino: Geek Gardening with Arduino

Graphic Design For Non-Profit Organizations

High Precision Cardboard CNC Drawing Machine V

How to Add an IR Remote to a Speaker System V

How to build a ESP8266 Web Server V

How to build a Raspberry Pi Robot (part 1)

I2C Continuum

IBM Lab-on-a-Chip Breakthrough Aims to Help Physicians Detect Cancer and Diseases at the Nanoscale

Java ME 8 + Raspberry Pi + Accelerometer + PWM + Motor Driver = JBalancePI Robot (Part 1)

MECs: “Building Blocks” for Creating Biological and Chemical Instruments

Mumai V

Opto-Isolated Laser Controller Build

Perspective-aware Manipulation of Portrait Photos


Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook

Polyhedron CC~ish Subdivision Demo OPENSCAD

PSOC digital signals Demo V

Raspberry Pi3 + XBee + XBMQ + MQTT + Node-Red IoT

Recycled Coke Can Popcorn Maker

RFID Based Attendance System Using Raspberry Pi V

RPM Measurement Using Hall Sensor and Arduino

Simple spice/salt/tea/powder scoop

Star Track - Arduino Powered Star Pointer and Tracker V

Super Simple Arduino Rover

TDK’s subsidiary EPCOS to acquire Tronics to further grow its sensor business

The Shape of Design

Tough gel stretches to 21 times its length, recoils, and heals itself

Towards an exact (quantum) description of chemistry

Ultrasonic Measuring Device

US Government approves plan for Moon Express to become first private company to venture beyond Earth’s orbit

What’s wasting power at home? Ask your app!

WiFi BrewPi Fermentation Temperature Controller With ESP8266 V

Word Clock Using Arduino and RTC

ZIF Jig for AVR ATtiny chip programming