Arduino 101 BLE Rover

I was getting ready to join a small team of folks in conducting a Maker Experience for a group of High School students in Oakland, CA. Maker can mean a lot of things for us it meant a focus on thinking about real world problems that can be simulated or solved via the Arduino with sensors and actuators. We had chosen the Arduino 101 along with the Grove Starter Kit for Arduino as our platform and were looking for a capstone project that would reinforce lots of the concepts we had been teaching as well as being memorable and fun. Through my network, I found some awesome Rover kits that were based on Edison and used Wi-Fi - it was the Seeedstudio Skeleton Bot - a 4WD mobile robotic platform. This platform has been around for a few years, but they were really high performance and very cool, so I decided to try to convert the Rover kits to use Arduino 101 and Bluetooth Low Energy communication. We had a great project for our Maker Experience! This Instructable describes the build/conversion of that Edison based 4WD kit to use Arduino 101.”


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